The International Scientific  Conference

From Intermarium to Three Seas Initiative. Integration and Collective Security Conceptions in Central and Eastern Europe in the 20th and 21st Centuries

under the Patronage
of the Chief of National Security Bureau of the Republic of Poland, Minister Paweł Soloch

Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski, Poland,
October 16(17)-18, 2019


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Official Partners:

Organising Committee:

Name, SurnameFunction 
Lt. Gen. (ret.) Anatol Wojtan, PhD, BEng, Assoc. Prof.Head
Paweł Gotowiecki, PhD, Assoc. Prof.Deputy Head
Przemysław Furgacz, PhD, Assoc. Prof.Deputy Head
Jakub Żak, PhD, Assoc. Prof.Secretary
Anna Bałdyga, PhD, Assoc. Prof. Member
Wojciech Łysek, PhDMember
Col. (res.) Stefan Suska, MAMember
Lt. Col. (ret.) Marian Cichoń, MAMember
Monika Dobrowolska, MAMember
Capt. Dariusz Loranty, MAMember
Sylwia Sławińska, MAMember
Natalia Tomaszewska, MAMember
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